Happy monday! How are you guys doing? How was the weekend?

I’ve spent the whole days on the pool, sunbathing and drinking fresh natural juices from DIETOX the best way to clean your body and prepare for summer. I did a Dietox day before travelling to Mexico, I wanted to feel more healthy and not feel with a swolen belly so I can wear a beautiful bikini and look better. I took just 6 juices during a day and drank a lot of water. I didn’t feel hungry and I gave all the nutrients that I need to my body. Many people will ask if this is something healthy to do and my recommendation is that if you want to purificate your body because you have an special event, a trip or something on the upcoming days its a good idea. I’ve been eating healthy and doing lot of  workout because I wanted to feel better and eliminate fats from my body as the healthiest way as possible and two days before my trip to Mexico I tried DIETOX and I liked so much because my belly felt better. Its a good way to help to clean your body but you dont have to do many in a row. 

DIETOX is  wellknown because all the juices are fresh and natural and you can drink them separately without doing the detox, I mean that you can buy just the juices without a DETOX plan. They come in their own bottle but you can also take them serving them in a glass as I did during drinking them on the pool.

I love to drink juices and sunbathing in the pool. Isn’t it the best plan for summer during hot days? I’m so lucky to have my own pool so I can stay relax with no noise and listening to the birds.

The swimwear that I’m wearing is the best that I have ever tried. It’s really difficult for me to find the perfect bikini top, one that fits me perfectly and makes me feel comfy. I found that on my new one from PANOS EMPORIO , it’s a Sweadish brand for men and women with very cool swimwear made by quality materials and beautiful designs. The package where it comes it’s very nice and with beautiful presentation. I’ve got a two-piece swimwear and also a one piece that I will show you soon in another post. You can check my top here and the bottom here.

About my sunglasses… another summer must-have, the ones that I’m wearing are from LUGI CRESPO . This brand has very beautiful designs and the lenses are polarized. They aren’t heavy and I love how they look on me. I wear sunnies everyday of my life, they are a cool accesorie to style the outfits. The ones that I’m wearing are the model Fascino Yellow Tortoise. They aren’t heavy so they feel comfy wearing them during all the day.

I hope you like todays post and I wish you all a happy Monday!