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Everybody loves the beach, I’m addicted to the sea and to sunbathe. Wondering around Marbella we discovered Elviria it’s a long beach, with white sand and very beautiful too. The sea is more calm than in Puente Romano and it isn’t as deep as in the other.  It was great to take some photos there, the blue water looks great with the white sand. I wore my new fringed boho top that I bought in Puerto Banus Market, I like how it looks with the bikini and the picture hat. I love to wear white clothes, it’s my favorite color like I have said before in other posts, my closet it’s made of lot of clothes of this color, it’s perfect and looks great on anyone. We didn’t stay along in that place because the wind was strong and cool but it was nice to visit and discovered. This was our last week in Marbella, like you can see at the pictures my skin looks tanned, I love to get color, in winter I’m too white so I look like a ghost hahaah . Here are some photos.

ELVIRIA BEACH - Sara Sánchez Velado ELVIRIA BEACH - Sara Sánchez Velado ELVIRIA BEACH - Sara Sánchez Velado