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Hi guys! Today I want to share with you some photos of my trip to Jordan. We had an amazing experience in many magic spots. This country has many beautiful places that I recommend you to discover. From the Dead Sea to the warm desert we had a pleasant stay. We started our travel in Amman and ended in Aqaba.

The first day we arrived late night so we went directly to the hotel to get installed and have dinner. After that we took a ride to the city center of Amman to walk around and to see how was the life there. Because of the Ramadan the streets where decorated with beautiful lights that reminded me to Christmas season. The night was beautiful to see. We did some shopping around the Zouk/Zoco buying some typical stuff from the country. All the little stores were open until late night.

Next day we went to the Dead Sea, the weather was super hot ideal to lay in the sun inside the super salty sea. The sensation of floating in the water was weird, I never felt that way before. It was funny and I took some photos reading the news while I was lying. I also tried the mud on my skin, they say that its beneficial for the body.

The following days we continue our tour stopping in different places until we arrived to Petra. The experience lived in Petra was exciting, an incredible and magical place. We spent the day walking through that wonderful place where the orange color stood out. I got to the top of where the treasure of Petra is seen from above, it was incredible. Petra is full of unique corners that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. It is an exhausting tour, especially because you walk a lot under the sun. In the evening we returned to the Treasury of Petra as there was an excursion called “Petra by night” in which they lit all the way with candles and played the flute at the Treasury. Very nice to see.

The next adventure was in the desert. We went to visit the life in the desert, we drank tea in the typical Jordanian tents that they were called “Jaimas”. We also took a ride in 4×4 stopping in different points to appreciate the amazing views. After all the day sightseeing we went to sleep in the Jaimas of a camp and stared the beautiful sky full of stars. Amazing.

The last day of our trip we went to Aqaba. It was our “beach stay”. We took a hotel for relax and sunbathing. This day was the hottest one. The sun hit really hard that I had a sunstroke and felt really bad at the afternoon. During the morning I was okay and I went swimming and sunbathing but while I was walking around the little city of Aqaba I started feeling really dizzy and bad that I had a sunstroke and went directly to bed. It was the worst feeling.

I hope you like the photos I took during my travel. If you have any questions and you are planning to travel to Jordan I will be very happy to help you. Have an amazing day.


La Habana, Cuba #2

Day 2: We woke up very early, around seven o’clock, jet lagged I thought. We went to have breakfast, the buffet was great, many variety of food. We prepared and went to try the famous icecream of Coppelia, I took vanilla with caramel and cookies, just delicious.


After that we went to buy some internet card, okay here comes something really important that you should know. In cuba it dosn’t exist internet like in other countries, here people don’t have internet and wifi in his home, there is no “card” that you insert in your mobile, you don’t go to restaurants and use free wifi, either in the hotel. In this country you should pay for every minute that you use internet. The only way to use internet is buying some cards/papers where there is a user name and a password. If you go to the hotel you will pay around 3/4€ per one hour of internet conection. If you buy this cards on the official stores of “ETECSA” thats the name of the company, you will pay 1,5€ for one hour of internet. Okay, once you buy this you should find a wifi area where you will connect and you will have to introduce the username and password that you bought. Time starts running since you log in, but be careful the conection it dosn’t work very well so it may take a while to check your Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram…. To stop the time you should go off from the wifi, if you don’t, your time will continue running off and you will spend all your minutes.


After that, we took a taxy to Old La Habana to sightsee around the city. The streets were full of color, beautiful old buildings, old cars and lot of people. It was so nice to walk around and contemplate all the beautiful streets where I took amazing photos, it feels so good to be there.


To have lunch, there are many options. You can go to a restaurant or to a typical “Casa Paladar” this are “houses” that brings menu to have lunch for a good price, you can eat langosta, ropa vieja, salad and rice for 10€. Eat in a typical cuban house the tasty food of the country. This is very common in La Habana. I really recommend you to try it. We went to “Paladar Sevilla” in Obispo Street. Very nice place with live music.


We continue the day walking around this magic city, discovering places and meeting cuban people and their stories. I took lot of photos, I hope you like them. I wore a colorful dress from ZARA store, perfect for the hot weather. I prefer to wear dresses instead of two pieces looks, shorts because I feel more comfortable wearing one piece that its not too tied to be walking under the hot weather. I also opted for a comfy shoes, this sandals are perfect for walk but after being used in many travel this time has been the last because they broke :/ Thanks god I brought a pair of flipflops on my bag during my citytour, I thought this could happen. The bag that I’m wearing its from Gucci, spring summer season of 2015 and the sunglasses are from RayBan, my favorites. Take a look to my photos and have a nice day!


La Habana, Cuba

Hey guys! I just came back from my vacay in Cuba and it was great! The first day we arrived we went directly to the hotel, we stayed in “La Habana Libre” hotel in the twenty one floor. The views from my room were amazing, I had view from all the city and the sea with amazing sunrise that I saw every morning that I woke up around seven o’clock in the morning.

After ten hours of flight we arrived to the hotel and I took a fresh shower and prepared to go out for a walk and dinner. It was sunday so everybody was out, the streets were surrunded of cuban people having fun and enjoying with the music. It was a little bit late so we ask to a cuban girl for a place to have dinner, we wanted to eat some tipical food of the country so she drived us to a nice place where we had dinner for 1,50€. The dinner was very cheap, a bowl of rice, ropa vieja (tipical cuban meat), boniato (like potato), tomatoe and cucumber just for 1,50€. It was delicious. I will make a post with places to eat in La Habana, you should try this place.

After the dinner we just walk around the “Malecón” and went to sleep to the hotel, to take rest for the next day.



¡Hola! Hoy os traigo una entrada más sobre Las Vegas, esta vez con un look total black , un vestido de GAP acompañado de un cinturón dorado. Este fue mi segundo día en Las Vegas, estuvimos caminando y visitando más hoteles y por fin vimos el tan nombrado KA Cirque Du Soleil en el MGM. Ver uno de estos espectáculos es de lo más imprescindible que hay por Las Vegas, todos los días a partir de las 19.00h hay varias sesiones y siempre hay miles de personas acudiendo a ellas. Lo mejor es comprar los tickets en la propia taquilla del MGM Hotel que es donde se ve este espectáculo, te sale mejor de precio ya que en los otros puestos que hay por la calle te lo intentan vender por casi el doble.  ¡Ojo! En la propia mesa de tickets del MGM muchas veces te suelen ofrecer solo ciertos tickets de precio elevado, pero le tenéis que decir al vendedor que habéis llamado por teléfono para reservar tickets y que os han dicho que los hay por menor precio y se hacen un poco los locos, que van a preguntar a ver, etc etc y luego al final te dicen que si. Es un espectáculo muy bonito, vale la pena verlo, su escenario gira 360º, se eleva, cambios de escenarios, etc De verdad, si vais a Las Vegas no os lo perdáis, es una maravilla. Antes de que comenzara el show, estuve probando suerte en las tragaperras/máquinas del casino MGM, pero como era de esperar, no la hubo. Esta misma noche había una fiesta en la discoteca de este mismo hotel en la que venía DJ Tiesto, un chino nos regaló tres entradas ya que el no las iba a usar pero como teníamos otros planes no fuimos, fue una pena, me hubiese gustado mucho haberlo visto.  No nos aburrimos nada ya que en Las Vegas siempre hay algo que ver y hacer. Aquí os dejo unas cuantas fotos.

SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas Sara_KA_cirque_du_soleil SARA_KA_cirque_dusoleil SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegasSaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas IMG_0895 SaraSanchezVelado_LasVegas



BOLSO: Blanco (Old)


SANDALIAS: Jardín de Jadel


Hoy os traigo una entrada sobre mi viaje en Las Vegas, una ciudad increíble, nunca duerme, hay gente en la calle las 24h del día, mucha luz, muchos shows, muchos turistas, casinos, hoteles,discotecas, atracciones… ¡de todo! Es increíble la cantidad de cosas que hay en esta ciudad,  sobre todo los hoteles, cada hotel es diferente con una temática muy bien representada, hacer una ruta por todos los hoteles es imprescindible ya que cada uno te sorprende de distinta manera, eso sí, los casinos están en tooodos lados, es una pasada, además dentro de cada uno de estos parece de noche y no hay reloj para que así no tengamos noción del tiempo y sigamos jugando y despilfarrando dinero. Otra de las cosas que me pareció curiosa también fue que en las habitaciones de los hoteles no hay conexion Wi-Fi, sólo en la planta principal que es donde se encuentra el casino, otra manera de mantenernos en el e incitarnos a jugar.  Como no, probé suerte a ver si me ganaba algo de dinero pero como es habitual no la hubo.   También he de decir que me pareció curioso el hecho de que estando jugando en una de las máquinas podías beberte todo lo que quisieras gratis, ahí estaban todas las camareras atentas a no dejarte con sed, cuanto más bebido estés más dinero jugarás.  No nos aburrimos en ningún momento, siempre había algo que hacer, ver un espectáculo, visitar tiendas, hoteles…. era un no parar. El primer día fuimos andando hasta el característico cartel “Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas” en el que como era de esperar había mucha gente haciéndose la foto. Estaba muy lejos de todo el sarao, pero aún así fuimos hasta allí y volvimos al centro de la locura de esta ciudad.  Aquí os dejo unas cuantas fotos de mi look y de este lugar.








RELOJ: Guess


Hoy os traigo un post sobre mi día en el Grand Canyon, una de las siete maravillas naturales del mundo. Es espectacular, el color, las formaciones, todo. Pudimos apreciar todo desde lo alto, montados en un helicóptero, una experiencia increíble y que vale la pena. Es un lugar precioso, este parque natural te deja boquiabierto, sin duda alguna ha sido una de las mejores experiencias que he tenido durante este viaje, ¡y lo que me queda! Hizo muchísimo calor, en cuanto terminamos de dar la vuelta en helicóptero empezó una gran tormenta que no duró más que 20 minutos, después fuimos a andar por un recorrido del cañón. Para este día me puse unos shorts blancos de ZARA, una camiseta gris de H&M  y unas converse, un look muy cómodo para patear. Aquí os dejo unas cuantas fotos.

IMG_3450 IMG_3449 IMG_3447 IMG_3438 IMG_3454IMG_3686 IMG_3397 IMG_3402IMG_3679 1520801_10203287254135987_3047528166995788540_n 10457965_10203287260456145_8298069069963600461_n IMG_3547









¡Buenos días desde Phoenix Scottsdale! Este lugar es precioso, unas calles parecidas a las de las películas de indios y vaqueros, muchos bares, tiendas, tiendas de indios y mucha vegetación del oeste. Es un lugar muy caluroso, cuando nosotros llegamos había 42 grados, las calles estaban totalmente vacías, no había nadie caminando en ellas.  Aprovechamos para dar un paseo por el pueblito, nos montamos en un cochecito de golf para ir a la zona del Mall, ya que andando era imposible porque el calor era insoportable. Nos gustó mucho ese pequeño lugar, aunque no había gran cosa que ver, pero tenía su encanto. Decidí ponerme unos shorts grises de ZARA, una blusita blanca que compré en el H&M de Los Ángeles y unas sandalias. Aquí podéis ver unas cuantas fotos de este día, espero que os gusten.

IMG_3166 IMG_3161 IMG_3169 IMG_3154 IMG_3188 IMG_3189 IMG_3192 IMG_3147 1910268_10203280640210643_759347007595848378_n 10464152_10203280641770682_1531420909532466389_n IMG_3146 IMG_3223 IMG_3257 IMG_3309



SANDALIAS: Jardín de Jadel