Hello guys! Today I’m back with a new look wearing my new top from ROMWE. For those who don’t know about ROMWE it is a online store where you can find lots of fashion clothes at a good price. If you want to wear fashion but not spend a lot of money this is the perfect online store to make your wardrobe look chic. You can find beautiful clothes like shirts, blouses, tops, jeans, skirts and accesories for nice price. In this post I’m wearing my new top that its a one piece of sweater and shirt all in one. I think that it’s very cute and easy to combine with some denim jeans or white jeans also. Lately I’m not wearing shirts but I think I will start wearing more often cause they are very easy and simple but at the same time elegant. If you like the top that I’m wearing you can buy it here. I recommend you to check the online store, you will like it!


TOP: ROMWE (buy it here)







Romwe Maxi dress


My obsession with nude color continues. This coat it’s very easy to combine with different looks, if you like it you can buy similar here and at good Price. This time I wanted to bring some brightness to my outfit so I wore white jeans from ZARA (buy it here) and the blouse from Mango. The booties that I’m wearing on the photo are from ZINDA (buy it here), they are very nice and comfy. The bag that I’m wearing It’s my new one from Dezzal, elegant and easy to combine, if you like it you can buy it here. If you are looking for a handbag check Dezzal, they have big variety of different styles. The watch its from MVMT, I love this Brand, they are very beautiful and elegant, you can buy it here.

Romwe Maxi dress


Hey guys! San Valentine day it’s right in the corner and in this post I would like to show you some jewels that could be a good choice as a San Valentine gift or just a surprise for the woman you love.  Evangelos Jewellery Workshop is placed in Salamina, a Greek island which is famed for it’s history. The artist creates jewellery for all tastes, working with all kinds of metals and using different techniques. All the pieces are handmade, working very hard to get the best results, shapes, details and designs. The perfect finishing, the harmony in shapes and colors, the clear lines, symmetry and geometry are his basic characteristics. The earrings that I’m wearing are ideal, I love the color of the stones with the silver plated in gold, you can buy here. What do you think about this earrings? Soon more posts with more jewels, stay tuned!


Romwe Maxi dress


I love nude color, but I love specially on clothes. This coat that I’m wearing its perfect for winter season and the color fits well with white, black, denim… I love it because its simple, elegant, comfy and also the material that is made off keeps you warm. At the first time I didn’t thought that this coat will be the perfect one for the cold days because it’s thin but I was  completely wrong because its soft and at the same time keeps your warm. I have wore with different kind of clothes like jeans with a sweater, kneeboots with a dress, midi skirts with sweater and booties and I have also many ideas on my mind for future looks. What do you think about the coat?

Romwe Maxi dress


Hello there! On this blog post I want to show you my new Deep blue faux fur Collar long coat from one of my favorites store Dezzal. I don’t use to wear strong colorfull clothes but this Deep blue made me fall in love. The long size and the faux fur collar keeps you warm during this cold Winter days, it’s comfy and at the same time fashionable. At the first time I thought that I wont know how to wear it, I didn’t know with which colors should I combine it, but finally I found many ideas. I like this coat because its very nice, I think the color is cute and the pockets are big enought  to keep your mobile, some gloves for the freezing weather and also  to bring the important belongings that you may need to have accesible. If you are looking for a different and original coat for this season you can buy this one here. What are your ideas to match this beautiful coat?

¡Buenas tardes! En el post de hoy os quiero enseñar mi nuevo abrigo largo con cuello de pelo de la tienda online Dezzal, una de mis favoritas ya que nos ofrece una gran variedad de prendas increíbles y de muy buena calidad. No suelo vestir colores llamativos como este azul, pero la verdad que este color me enamoró y más en este tipo de abrigo. Es perfecto para los días fríos de invierno ya que su largura y su cuello nos protege del frío aportándonos una agradable sensación térmica.  Al principio pensé que se me haría complicado a la hora de combinarlo con otras prendas pero al final se me ocurrieron una gran cantidad de combinaciones. Me parece un abrigo precioso por su diseño simple pero a la vez elegante por el cuello de pelo y también muy útil por sus bolsillos, ya que su tamaño es perfecto para llevar el móvil, unos guantes para protegernos del frío y otras pertenencias que deseamos tener accesibles. Si estáis buscando un abrigo bonito, diferente y perfecto para el frío podéis comprar éste aquí. ¿Qué ideas se os ocurren para combinar este abrigo?

COAT: Dezzal




BAG: Chanel


Romwe Maxi dress


Good evening! Sharing a surfing look from my afternoon catching waves in Hendaye, France. This outfit it’s special for me because I’m wearing my new body from Shambhala BCN a brand specialized in Yoga but also in water sports wear. Their innovative fabrics adapt to the body and allow you to flow with the sport that you like besides Yoga and also water sports like surf and SUP. This brand was born in Barcelona inspired by its art, culture and lifestyle. They manufacture their products in Istanbul, where they developed their own fabrics and patterns.

About their material, they use a certificate fabric made of polyester yarns high technology, called DRY TOUCH. This means that it has a softness that provides breathability and perfect moisture absorption. It is also an anti-microbial and hypoallergenic tissue balancing body temperature for perfect practice of the sport.

Im so happy with my new body, its so comfy and the material that is made off provides me the greatest sensation when I’m catching the waves. Their designs are unique and so nice. Check their website to see all the variety of clothing that you can find, you will love it.

¡Buenas noches! Hoy os traigo un look surfero en el que os enseño mi nuevo body para coger olas. Esta última adquisición de la firma Shambhala BCN es increíble. En verano me gusta coger olas sin neopreno ya que hace calor y es más cómodo, pero el bikini supone un problema ya que siempre termina moviéndose o incluso soltándose, por eso Shambhala BCN te ofrece la oportunidad de pillar olas de una forma cómoda y algo más ligera que el neopreno, aportandote las mismas sensaciones térmicas que el neopreno pero de una forma más ligera con su body que gracias al material del que esta hecho te ofrece una elasticidad y comodidad para moverte y debido a sus tejido anti-microbial e hipoalergénico equilibra la temperatura del cuerpo para que practiques tu deporte de una forma cómoda.

Esta marca nace en Barcelona inspirada por su arte, cultura y estilo de vida y fabrican sus productos en Estambul desarrollando sus propios tejidos y estampados. Es una marca de ropa deportiva de Yoga pero también tienen prendas para deportes acuáticos como el Surf y el SUP. Os invito a que paséis por su página web y le echéis un vistazo, seguro que os encantará.



Romwe Maxi dress


Hi there! today I want to show you an online shop which sells communion dresses specially. It’s called MariaCommunion , this global online retailer of first communion dresses brings you also the chance to find your dream dress for any special occasion because they know the latest trends.  All the girls wants to look great and feel like a princess on that special day so on this website you will find more than 1200 models where you can find a huge variety of white communion dresses based on a timeless elegance.

They only select the highest quality materials and manufacturers. It’s so important that they do their best to provide you the best designs producing all collections with great attention to detail. I have select a few images of dresses that you can find on this online store, in the first one you can save at Pinterest and on the second one by clicking in each dress you will be sent to the link.


Image Map



Romwe Maxi dress


Hey guys! Today I wanna show you my new tote bag from DEZZAL an online store that brings you the chance to buy women’s clothes and accessories. This crocodile embossed tote bag its so cute and not so big but at the same time it’s so spacious that you can bring many stuff inside it. I l like the bright grey color of it, it’s so easy to combine with the outfits. The material that its mathe off it’s leather and the touch it’s nice. Like you can see the design it’s so fashionable, it’s a must have for your closet. If you wanna buy this bag you can do it by clicking here and I have a good new! By entering the promo code “DZFIRST20” you have a 20% off on your first purchase. What are you waiting for? Come and check the website to discover all the dresses, tops, bags and accessories of different designers, you will like it!

¡Hola a tod@s! Hoy os quiero enseñar mi nueva adquisición de DEZZAL una tienda online de ropa y complementos para mujer. Destaca por sus vestidos y bolsos con diseños únicos. El bolso que os muestro hoy es el modelo Crocodile Embossed Tote Bag con un diseño que esta muy a la moda y de un color gris claro que hace que este complemento sea muy fácil de combinar. En cuanto al tamaño parece muy pequeño pero es muy espacioso y te permite llevar muchas cosas dentro de él. Me sorprendió el interior ya que tiene mucho hueco y varios departamentos para dejar el móvil. En cuanto al material es de piel y tiene un tacto agradable. Si queréis comprar el bolso hacer click aquí e introduciendo el código “DZFIRST20” tendréis un 20% de descuento en vuestra primera compra. Pasaros por la página web para ver la cantidad de vestidos y accesorios que os van a encantar.



DEZZAL: Crocodile Embossed Tote Bag

Romwe Maxi dress


Hey guys how are you doing? It’s been a while since I don’t post on my blog, I have been very busy, many jobs, vacay, new projects… Anyway how are you doing? Today I will like to show you a swimwear brand from Australia that it’s called BONDIBORN from Sidney. The brand’s aesthetic appeals to stylish women who love sport luxe design. The main material its luxury neoprene that it’s very comfy and ideal for swimming and watersports because it fits well on your body and it doesn’t suffers any changes when it wets. I’m wearing Gemma Scalloped bikini in black color but you can find others like red, blue, pink…  Also they have many different styles of bikinis that you will love.  If you like this kind of swimwear you must visit their website to see the full collection, their designs are unique and so stylish. This season’s range of bikinis and one pieces is built on an exciting colour story, inspired by the rich, bold colours of Australian reef life and reflecting global fashion trends for brights and neons. This is what makes them different and unique. What are you waiting for? Come on and check it!

¡Hola a todos! Hacía mucho que no actualizaba mi blog, he estado trabajando un montón, de vacaciones y con nuevos proyectos que ya os ire contando mas adelante. Hoy os quiero presentar la marca australiana BONDIBORN nacida en Sidney. Con unos diseños únicos de estética deportiva y a la vez con clase utilizando como material principal el neopreno de calidad. Este material permite que el bikini o bañador se adapte a la figura de la mujer y que cuando se moja no sufre ningún cambio en cuanto a transparencias o que el bikini se deforme y pierda su consistencia.  La nueva gama de bikinis está inspirada en colores relacionados con la bahía de Bondi Beach y su arrecife utilizando una gama de colores vivos con unos diseños únicos. En las fotos que os muestro a continuación luzco el bikini Gemma Scalloped en color negro también lo podéis encontrar en azul, rosa, morado, rojo… Visitar la página web para ver toda la colección, ¡seguro que os encanta!






Romwe Maxi dress