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Hey guys! I’m so happy to show you my new outfit wearing this beautiful dress from Shein. I like it so much! It’s very comfy, and the material is fresh, ideal for summer. This time I wore with sandals but it will look nice also with some sneakers for a sportychic outfit. Check the online shop to see amazing fashion products, now they are on sale!! I hope you like my new dress, white color is my favorite for summer. Take a look to my photos and if you would like to shop this dress here is the link.



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Hey guys! Today I’m back with a new outift wearing my new blouse from INDIGO. This new item it’s so easy to combine, this time I wore with a basic black skirt but I will make other outfits in the future with jeans or shorts, you can mix very easily. I love this luxury womenswear brand, Indigo offers unique and original designs made of good quality. If you visit the online store you will see how cool are all the items they have.  The bracelet that I’m wearing its from Evangelos Jewellery Workshop this beautiful complement comes with me everyday everywhere. If you like jewels I invite you to check the website. Here I post somephotos of my outfit, I choose sunset moment to shoot, I love how it looks with the light.

SHIRT: Indigo (buy here)

SKIRT: Zara (similar here)

BRACELET: Evangelos Jewellery Workshop (buy here)


Romwe Maxi dress


Hello guys! Today I’m back with a new post about SHEIN online clothing Brand. 

This online shop brings you a great variety of fashion clothing made of good quality for a cheap price. We all want to look good and sometimes we can not spend lot of money in nice clothes but this brand makes this possible. In this online store you can find amazing dresses, shorts, skirts, bikinis, tops, accesories and more ideal for this spring summer season.
Today I wanna show you my new pink glittered dress ideal for going out or for a special ocasion. This color looks great with a tanned skin and the sequins are very stylish. If you want to buy this dress you can do it by clicking here.
There is also another option of this dress in sheath color that you can buy here.
If you prefer with straps instead of long sleeve you have this option too by clicking here.
Take a look to the online store, you will love everything!
¡Buenos días! Hoy os quiero hablar sobre la tienda en línea SHEIN, donde encontraréis ropa súper fashion a un precio muy asequible. Para aquellos que aún no la conozcáis os recomiendo que visitéis la web ya que encontraréis una gran variedad de ropa súper bonita y lo mejor de todo es que no os tendréis que gastar mucho dinero para ir a la moda, todos sabemos que la ropa bonita cuesta cara pero gracias a esta tienda en línea podrás lucir las ultimas tendencias sin necesidad de tener que andar ahorrando mucho dinero y además por el precio que pagas en una tienda normal por una camiseta aquí podrás comparte dos o tres… 
Que esta tienda sea barata no significa que la calidad de la ropa sea de menor calidad, hoy os quiero enseñar mi vestido rosa brillante que adquirí en esta página y por el que estoy muy contenta ya que la calidad es buenísima y está perfectamente fabricado. Si os gusta este vestido lo podéis comprar haciendo click aquí. 
También lo podéis encontrar en otro color grisaceo/vaina dándole click aquí.
Si preferís un vestido de tirantes en vez de manga larga también existe esta opción aquí.
Pasaros por la página web y curiosear toda la tienda, encontraréis ropa súper chula ¡que os encantará!
Romwe Maxi dress

La Habana, Cuba #2

Day 2: We woke up very early, around seven o’clock, jet lagged I thought. We went to have breakfast, the buffet was great, many variety of food. We prepared and went to try the famous icecream of Coppelia, I took vanilla with caramel and cookies, just delicious.


After that we went to buy some internet card, okay here comes something really important that you should know. In cuba it dosn’t exist internet like in other countries, here people don’t have internet and wifi in his home, there is no “card” that you insert in your mobile, you don’t go to restaurants and use free wifi, either in the hotel. In this country you should pay for every minute that you use internet. The only way to use internet is buying some cards/papers where there is a user name and a password. If you go to the hotel you will pay around 3/4€ per one hour of internet conection. If you buy this cards on the official stores of “ETECSA” thats the name of the company, you will pay 1,5€ for one hour of internet. Okay, once you buy this you should find a wifi area where you will connect and you will have to introduce the username and password that you bought. Time starts running since you log in, but be careful the conection it dosn’t work very well so it may take a while to check your Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram…. To stop the time you should go off from the wifi, if you don’t, your time will continue running off and you will spend all your minutes.


After that, we took a taxy to Old La Habana to sightsee around the city. The streets were full of color, beautiful old buildings, old cars and lot of people. It was so nice to walk around and contemplate all the beautiful streets where I took amazing photos, it feels so good to be there.


To have lunch, there are many options. You can go to a restaurant or to a typical “Casa Paladar” this are “houses” that brings menu to have lunch for a good price, you can eat langosta, ropa vieja, salad and rice for 10€. Eat in a typical cuban house the tasty food of the country. This is very common in La Habana. I really recommend you to try it. We went to “Paladar Sevilla” in Obispo Street. Very nice place with live music.


We continue the day walking around this magic city, discovering places and meeting cuban people and their stories. I took lot of photos, I hope you like them. I wore a colorful dress from ZARA store, perfect for the hot weather. I prefer to wear dresses instead of two pieces looks, shorts because I feel more comfortable wearing one piece that its not too tied to be walking under the hot weather. I also opted for a comfy shoes, this sandals are perfect for walk but after being used in many travel this time has been the last because they broke :/ Thanks god I brought a pair of flipflops on my bag during my citytour, I thought this could happen. The bag that I’m wearing its from Gucci, spring summer season of 2015 and the sunglasses are from RayBan, my favorites. Take a look to my photos and have a nice day!


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La Habana, Cuba

Hey guys! I just came back from my vacay in Cuba and it was great! The first day we arrived we went directly to the hotel, we stayed in “La Habana Libre” hotel in the twenty one floor. The views from my room were amazing, I had view from all the city and the sea with amazing sunrise that I saw every morning that I woke up around seven o’clock in the morning.

After ten hours of flight we arrived to the hotel and I took a fresh shower and prepared to go out for a walk and dinner. It was sunday so everybody was out, the streets were surrunded of cuban people having fun and enjoying with the music. It was a little bit late so we ask to a cuban girl for a place to have dinner, we wanted to eat some tipical food of the country so she drived us to a nice place where we had dinner for 1,50€. The dinner was very cheap, a bowl of rice, ropa vieja (tipical cuban meat), boniato (like potato), tomatoe and cucumber just for 1,50€. It was delicious. I will make a post with places to eat in La Habana, you should try this place.

After the dinner we just walk around the “Malecón” and went to sleep to the hotel, to take rest for the next day.


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A bunch of personal favorites from Shein. I love this White and pink dresses, they are perfect for spring/summer season. If you like any of this pieces you can go directly to their link behind the photo. Take a look to the website and let me know what are your favorites!


1-HERE/ 2- HERE/ 3- HERE/ 4- HERE/ 5- HERE/ 6- HERE

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La pesadilla de toda mujer. Vemos un millón de prendas que quedan genial en otras personas, y cuando nos las ponemos nosotras, terminamos decepcionadas… ¿Por qué pasa esto?

Muchas veces no sabemos que ponernos ya que no nos vemos bien con ciertas prendas porque destacan “defectos” o formas que no nos gustan. Hoy os voy a dar consejos para queos veáis mejor.




ALTAS En el caso de las mujeres altas nos podemos permitir ropa con motivos horizontales, estampados, capas y ropa ancha. Se pueden permitir tejidos rígidos y pesados. Se pueden utilizar tacones pero no demasiado altos (aunque a todas nos encantan), tacón medio. Evitar faldas extremadamente cortas. Evitar pendientes pequeños.

BAJAS En las mujeres bajas, les favorecen detalles verticales, estilizan y aportan altura. Podemos utilizar zapatos de tacón alto. El largo de la falda se recomienda por encima de la rodilla. Tejidos ligeros. Los pantalones rectos, sin dobladillo. En caso de vestidos cortos, bajo del pecho para hacer que la pierna sea más larga, cintura alta y de un solo color. Accesorios alargados, utilizar pocos, en exceso no.


CINTURA ANCHA Si tenemos una cintura ancha se recomienda vestidos rectos, cinturones finos, bolsillos verticales en el vestido,… Las faldas deben descansar sobre la cadera, la cintura ha de ser estrecha, la falda Evasé disimula la cintura creando volúmenes en los laterales, por otro lado podemos fomentar la silueta con faldas Albiés. Los pantalones no tienen que tener detalles frontales y deben tener la cintura lo más estrecha posible. La parte de arriba conseguirá cierto volumen , blusas que no estén ajustadas al cuerpo, prendas anchas… Nos podemos permitir la utilización de hombreras. Se recomiendan tejidos finos, ligeros y oscuros.

CINTURA ALTA Si queremos conseguir proporcionar la parte superior e inferior tenemos que bajar la altura de la cintura. Tenemos que marcar límites por debajo de la cintura. El vestido tiene que tener una cintura baja, faldas con cintura baja. Los pantalones se recomiendan que no tengan cinturilla. Escotes que sean en pico y los tops/chaquetas/camisas que sean más largas por debajo de la cintura. En cuanto a accesorios utilizar un cinturón en la cadera.


ESTRECHOS Y/O CAÍDOS  Utilizar prendas con hombreras. En las partes de arriba hombreras, solapas anchas de pico, en las chaquetas escotes horizontales, bolsillos en el pecho, cuellos grandes, cierto volumen alrededor del cuello, nos podemos permitir detalles horizontales, tela rígida que aporte volumen, texturas gruesas, el paño por ejemplo. Si utilizamos algún vestido o top con tirantes, que sean anchos.

ANCHOS En este caso escotes por detrás, espalda al aire, favorecen mucho. Por delante cuellos/escotes en pico.  Tops con tirantes finos. Collares largos para conseguir verticalidad. Líneas horizontales en la cadera, cintura, pecho, pero nunca en los hombros. Podemos utilizar prendas como una capa, ya que matizan la línea del hombro. En cuanto a colores se recomiendan los colores oscuros.


CORTOS Y/O GRUESOS  Conseguir una manga que haga el brazo más largo, mangas que lleguen hasta la muñeca sin detalles, monocolor para no marcar límites. Las mangas tres cuartos, una manga larga que no marque límites. No usar brazaletes ni pulseras, nada de accesorios en los brazos gruesos. Utilizar colores oscuros y líneas verticales en el brazo.

LARGOS Y/O DELGADOS Podemos utilizar todo tipo de mangas, mangas largas y mangas cortas. Puño marcado, puño doble, ancho… Prendas que den volumen o rayas horizontales. Se pueden utilizar accesorios, relojes, pulseras…


CORTO Y/O ANCHO Escotes en pico y ovalado y despejado. Solapas largas y estrechas, collares finos, largos, pañuelos drapeados… Cortes de pelo, usar líneas rectas y verticales. Cortes de pelo corto con cuello despejado, no crear volumen a la altura del cuello. Al utilizar camisas abrir un botón para mostrar algo de escote.

LARGO Y/O DELGADO Nos podemos permitir cuellos altos y camiseros. Escotes horizontales, cuadrados, buscando la horizontalidad. Collares que sean cortos, gargantillas, pañuelos y chalecos que vallan al cuello. Peinados largos que den volumen a la altura del cuello.


PLANOS Y/O CAÍDOS Utilizar un vestido o conjunto de dos piezas, que no sea del mismo color. En el caso de las faldas que sean sueltas desde la cadera, con vuelo damos volumen, plisadas,… En el caso de los pantalones, se recomienda que tengan bolsillos en el culo, corte bajo, levanta colas, Push-Up, detalles en la zona de los glúteos. Con los estampados buscar verticalidad, pantalones de pinza para conseguir cierto volumen. En el caso de las partes de arriba hay que tener cuidado, marcar límites, cortes debajo de la cintura, marcando ese límite. En el caso de tejidos es recomendable usar tejidos despejados, mates, que aporten vuelo.

VOLUMINOSOS En este caso lo que queremos es reducir su voluminosidad, para ello se recomiendan pantalones que no aporten volumen en el trasero, que no tengan bolsillos, que sean más despejados, sin muchos detalles, con los menos detalles posibles ya que al ser más simples reducen la voluminosidad. Hay que evitar rayas horizontales al igual que estampados llamativos, ya que aportan más volumen.  En cuanto a la parte superior se recomiendan tops un poco largos para disimular la cadera y el trasero.


¡Espero que estos consejitos os ayuden a la hora de crear vuestros looks del día a día!


Romwe Maxi dress


Hey guys I’m super excited to show you my new jacket from INDIGO DESIGN an independent online luxury womenswear store that creates distinctive designer clothing with an edgy urban twist. All the products are made of high quality, inspired in the daily urban lifestyle brings clothing for those customer who loves luxury and a fashion lifestyle.
I invite you to check the online store where you will find amazing outerwear like tops, coats, pants, accessories and more. This brand works hard to bring us the best fashion trends offering a beautiful pieces. I’m inlove with my new Flight Jacket, it’s perfect to create different looks because black color it’s easy to combine. One of the things that I like about this piece it’s the interior that it’s soft and warm and the design as well. It makes the outfit looks more stylish.
Take a look to their website by clicking here and discover their collection, you will love it.
Romwe Maxi dress


Just a simple outfit that I want to share with you wearing a basic blouse from MANGO and a stylish hat from MIINT store. This look its simple, using basic items you can get good results, because like I say “less is more”. If you like the clothes that I’m wearing they are from last seasons but you can find some similar on their stores.



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As a fashionista I love watches and jewells as the best complement for the outfits. Today I want to show you one of my favorites watch brand that it’s called MVMT. They are very special for me because they fit well with my style and all the variety of watches that they have designed have made me in love with their brand and wanted me to do some collaborations together. I was very happy when the team gave me a good feedback giving me a beautiful timepiece that know has become my everyday musthave. I can’t stop wearing it everyday with my outfits, I can’t go out without my beautiful watch. You can wear a simple outfit and being sure that this complement will give you that special touch that you need to make your outfit more chic.

The watch that I’m wearing is BOULEVARD – 38MM SUNSET. I chose this one because I love gold color, the style of the strap and the background as well as the design that is simple and elegant, very easy to combine with your daily outfits. If you want to buy it you can doit by clicking here. I also recommend you to check the online store where you will find beautiful models that you will love. I didn’t mention before but MVMT it’s a watch brand made for women and men so if you want to surprise someone with a speciall gift this is a good choice. Go and check it!

Romwe Maxi dress