Happy Monday guys! How was the weekend? I’ve been super busy doing a lot of plans and shootings. Today I want to show you my latest arrival, my new jewelry from AURATE NEW YORK a fine jewelry brand without concession. I’m super in love with this beautiful brand. AURATE offers you durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. They seek out the purest 14- and 18-karat gold, procure pearls from Japan and the South Sea, and only use S1-clarity diamonds. Something that I like so much is that some of the pieces are statements, some of them are classic staples, but all of them are completely original – and so are the ways you can mix them up or switch them out depending on your plans, your mood, or whether your boss is coming in that day. The earrings that I’m wearing in the following pictures are my favorite ones! The design is super elegant and original so you can wear them with a simple basic outfit that you will look amazing with a touch of style. The gold color is my first option in jewelry because it matches perfectly with my hair and looks clean and elegant. I matched my earrings with a beautiful necklace the Obelisk Pendant so I can wear it with any outfit because the design makes it possible to mix it. If you like fine jewelry I invite you all to visit the website or take a look in one of the Stores located in New York, Boston and Washington, you will fall in love.


Hi there! Today I want to show you my wishlist of clothes that I like for this fall from ZAFUL. They have amazing fashion clothing for a good price. My first selection is a beautiful animal print dress, this falls trend. It’s a must-have for this season so I saw this one in ZAFUL that I couldn’t resist to buy it. I love warm coats to wear with skirts and jeans and also wearing beautiful booties so I chose the following ones in the pictures that would be a perfect choice for this fall. This year I’m a total fan of booties mixed with skirts so a beautiful pair of black booties is the perfect item to style the outfits. Take a look to my wishlist and let me know your thoughts!







Hello and happy Thursday!

Today I want to show you my #ootd of last Saturday. We are having good luck with the weather in San Sebastian, I don’t want summer to end, it’s my favorite season of the year because I can go to the beach, wear summer clothes without sleeves, go sunbathing and do a lot of exciting plans. But in the other hand, I’m excited for autumn fall because I want to use for the first time some jeans and coats that I have already bought.

About today’s post, I want to show you my new dress from Metisu Fashion online store. They have really cool pieces, lot’s of nice dresses, trench and more. I like these ones because pink color with floral print looks vert feminine and chic. If you like it you can buy this piece here . I combined with my new Rose Gold Studded Block Heeled Sandalas “Tessa”

from Linzi Shoes, an British brand that offers you fashionable shoes for a good price. These sandals are available in different colors and they are really comfy and perfect to style the outfits. You can buy here. Take a look at my outfit and let me know your thoughts!



I’m a total foodie and the city where I live it’s recognized because of the best gastronomy. Everybody when they hear San Sebastian they think about the food, especially the Pintxos, something very famous here. My boyfriend and I love going out for dinner and trying different restaurants. In today’s post, I would like to show you some of my favorite places in the city.


This restaurant is located in Antiguo neighborhood offering quality food that always tastes delicious. It’s not a cheap restaurant, but it’s a good choice for going to a special dinner or lunch or just if you want to try something different. I went to have lunch with a friend because of his birthday, ordering two starters and two main courses, all were delicious. Here I show you some pics from Vinoteca Bernardina.


One of my favorite places during the week located in Portuetxe, one area where a lot of companies are located. I used to go for lunch at this cute restaurant that is close to my company where every day they have a different dish “dish of the day.” You can check from Monday to Friday in their Instagram from 12:30pm whats the day dish. They used to do something different every day, you can eat one cream + day dish + dessert for 10,20euros. The service is friendly and fast, always receiving their clients with a big smile. I frequent this place many times a week when I don ‘t have time to prepare my lunch for work. If you work around the area, you should try this place from Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 17:00pm. Take a look to this cozy restaurant Casa Agus.


Another of my favorites is Maiatza restaurant, this is located in the Old Town of San Sebastian. The owner is from Argentina and you can find a variety of sandwiches, burgers, and dishes like rice with veggies bowls, salads, quinoa etc all with a good price not more than 10€ per dish. You can also find Guacamole, a variety of different hummus with chips and more. This restaurant is small but cozy, better if you make an appointment because always is full.


Obsessed with this restaurant. Cafe Kursaal is next to the Kursaal emblematic building of San Sebastian. This place is the one I frequent mostly because of the variety of Mexican food. The owner is from Mexico that’s why you can find many delicious dishes 100%, Mexican using original ingredients. This place’s not a Mexican restaurant exactly, all the dishes are traditional but you can find in the menu a Mexican site for all the Mexican food lovers. We used to order Guacamole with totopos for a starter, degustación de tacos (four different tacos Cochinilla Pibil, al pastor, mole, and Camaron), salmon salad, tacos… Also, they have included some typical drinks like Michelada, fresh and delicious.


HAPPY FRIDAY GUYS! How was the week? I’ve been busy with a lot of work but I’m really happy that the weekend it’s about to start. I have so many exciting plans for these days. Today I want to show you my new Bra from Cosabella . My experience with this brand is very good, I’ve tried different styles for big breast and small chest and this are the best ones. They make you feel really good, super comfy and beautiful designs. Having big boobs it’s not easy, I always had problems to find the perfect bra, one that fits me well and comfy. The one thatI’m wearing in this post it’s really cute and it doesn’t have a bra ring but keeps your breast perfectly attached. You can also use it as a top to style your outfits with a pair of jeans, palazzo pants, shorts or a skirt also will look nice with an opened shirt. This bra is available in white can check it here. Let me know what do you think about this bra, I invite you all to check the website and discover all the collection.

BRA: Cosabella



BELT: Gucci


Hello guys! How is the week going on? On todays post I want to show you my new Rose Gold Tie Up sandals from Linzi Shoes that I received a few days ago. They are really cute and comfy, I didn’t thought that I will feel so good wearing them because mostly the tie up sandals are a little bit different but this ones surprised me for good. They are very easy to wear, they don’t hurt and feels great walking with them. Yesterdays outfit was simple, I wore a white skirt with an orange top and give that special touch with my new Linzi sandals that you can buy here . I think that they are very easy to combined, you can wear with a pair of jeans, shorts, playsuits and dresses and Rose Gold color match very well with everything.


Hey guys!

Do you know how addicted I am to swimsuits? On todays post I want to show you a brand that I like sooo much Mouille Swimwear.The swimwear pieces are super cute and really original and stylish. The concept of ‘Mouillé ’ comes from a deep passion to create individual swimwear pieces that are coveted and loved. Mouillé Swimwear has evolved into a trend-setting swimwear brand over the past 6 years. Mouillé is best known for the signature one-shoulder ruffle bikini separates and one pieces. The brand is currently sold in department stores and boutiques worldwide including the UK, France, Italy, UAE, Australia and the USA.

I have one piece in black color and a two-pieces with striped pattern. They are perfect for summer and you can also wear them as an outfit with a skirt or shorts. I like the design of this swimwear because its really cute, stylish and looks so gorgeous. You can find it in many different colors, I have the white with blue stripes and I love it so much. This color enhances the tan of the skin looking super great! What do you think?

I invite you all to check the website to see all the different models they have, you will love them!

I took a few pictures during my days on the beach and on the pool, here I show you some, I hope you like them!!

ONE PIECE: You can buy here

TWO PIECESYou can buy here


Happy monday! How are you guys doing? How was the weekend?

I’ve spent the whole days on the pool, sunbathing and drinking fresh natural juices from DIETOX the best way to clean your body and prepare for summer. I did a Dietox day before travelling to Mexico, I wanted to feel more healthy and not feel with a swolen belly so I can wear a beautiful bikini and look better. I took just 6 juices during a day and drank a lot of water. I didn’t feel hungry and I gave all the nutrients that I need to my body. Many people will ask if this is something healthy to do and my recommendation is that if you want to purificate your body because you have an special event, a trip or something on the upcoming days its a good idea. I’ve been eating healthy and doing lot of  workout because I wanted to feel better and eliminate fats from my body as the healthiest way as possible and two days before my trip to Mexico I tried DIETOX and I liked so much because my belly felt better. Its a good way to help to clean your body but you dont have to do many in a row. 

DIETOX is  wellknown because all the juices are fresh and natural and you can drink them separately without doing the detox, I mean that you can buy just the juices without a DETOX plan. They come in their own bottle but you can also take them serving them in a glass as I did during drinking them on the pool.

I love to drink juices and sunbathing in the pool. Isn’t it the best plan for summer during hot days? I’m so lucky to have my own pool so I can stay relax with no noise and listening to the birds.

The swimwear that I’m wearing is the best that I have ever tried. It’s really difficult for me to find the perfect bikini top, one that fits me perfectly and makes me feel comfy. I found that on my new one from PANOS EMPORIO , it’s a Sweadish brand for men and women with very cool swimwear made by quality materials and beautiful designs. The package where it comes it’s very nice and with beautiful presentation. I’ve got a two-piece swimwear and also a one piece that I will show you soon in another post. You can check my top here and the bottom here.

About my sunglasses… another summer must-have, the ones that I’m wearing are from LUGI CRESPO . This brand has very beautiful designs and the lenses are polarized. They aren’t heavy and I love how they look on me. I wear sunnies everyday of my life, they are a cool accesorie to style the outfits. The ones that I’m wearing are the model Fascino Yellow Tortoise. They aren’t heavy so they feel comfy wearing them during all the day.

I hope you like todays post and I wish you all a happy Monday!






Hey guys! How is summer going? I have so much fun during my vacations in Mexico! I spent all the days eating and beaching, not bad right? I love wearing a bikini all the day feeling the sunrises on my skin and getting tanned. Mexican food is the best! I could be eating that delicious food all the days of my life. I love so much avocado so I’ve been eating guacamole every day! I’ve been wearing my new swimwear from BocachicaSwimwear spanish brand. I need to tell you that this bikini it’s perfect! It’s so different to all the ones I have. I like that the bottom is highwaisted, it’s my first time wearing a swimwear like this and I love it! This model it’s reversible so you can wear it as a plain color or with the printed one. I love the pattern of the printed one, looks so different. This is the Seychelles model. Here I show you some pics of my new one, I hope you like it!

SWIMWEAR: Bocachicaswimwear (Seychelles Nude)


Hi there! I’m back from my beautiful trip around Mexico and USA and I want to share with you some pictures during my stay in Mexico. This place was amazing and the weather was perfect to wear my fav summer clothes. I love white pieces and this kaftan from Treboli store has become my favorite must-have for this season.  It’s perfect to wear with shorts, jeans and a white top. You can also wear it with a swimwear for the beach. Its super fashion and chic, can’t stop wearing this piece. Take a look to my pictures and let me know what do you think about the look! I invite you all to take a look to Treboli website they are on sale now so you will see amazing clothes for a good price.

Ya he vuelto de mi viaje por Mexico y USA y es que ha sido todo precioso. Hoy tengo ganas de enseñaros unas fotitos que hice en Tulum, en el hotel Los Amigos Beach muy recomendable y muy buen servicio. Os quiero mostrar mi Kaftan blanco de Treboli, esta prenda me encanta, es una monada y es ideal para el verano. Adoro vestirme de blanco en verano y esta pieza se ha vuelto mi favorita, es perfecta para lucir con shorts, jeans y un top blanco e incluso para ir a la playa con el bikini. Queda monísimo y es una prenda que no pasa de moda. El mío es de Treboli lo podéis comprar aquí, también está en color crudo que también es precioso. ¡Echar un vistazo a la web, están en rebajas!