Happy Monday guys! How was the weekend? I’ve been super busy doing a lot of plans and shootings. Today I want to show you my latest arrival, my new jewelry from AURATE NEW YORK a fine jewelry brand without concession. I’m super in love with this beautiful brand. AURATE offers you durable materials, transparent pricing, sustainable production, and tangible giving. They seek out the purest 14- and 18-karat gold, procure pearls from Japan and the South Sea, and only use S1-clarity diamonds. Something that I like so much is that some of the pieces are statements, some of them are classic staples, but all of them are completely original – and so are the ways you can mix them up or switch them out depending on your plans, your mood, or whether your boss is coming in that day. The earrings that I’m wearing in the following pictures are my favorite ones! The design is super elegant and original so you can wear them with a simple basic outfit that you will look amazing with a touch of style. The gold color is my first option in jewelry because it matches perfectly with my hair and looks clean and elegant. I matched my earrings with a beautiful necklace the Obelisk Pendant so I can wear it with any outfit because the design makes it possible to mix it. If you like fine jewelry I invite you all to visit the website or take a look in one of the Stores located in New York, Boston and Washington, you will fall in love.